Sunday, April 24, thanks to the "Sunday Brunch Classic," we had the opportunity to listen Hiromi Maekawa.

Hiromi live in Italy and, in this period of her career, she is taking an interest in the transcription of Italian pop songs in Japanese.

On Sunday afternoon, Hiromi sang "Ave Maria" by G. Caccini dedicating it to all the victims of the earthquake in Kumamoto, in the hope that peaceful and happy days can return soon.

Later she presented to the public "Sapore Di Sale", a famous song by Gino Paoli, the singer's favorite in Italy.

Her voice has brought to the venue the flavor of the Italian sea and, with it, a nostalgic melancholy of love.

It followed, then, the song "Parole Parole" made famous by Mina.

The sweet song of Hiromi reminds us with the text she translated, the difficulty of emotional communication between men and women:
it is still exciting the memory of his voice when she sings the last sentence "parole parole...soltanto parole tra noi" (words words...only words between us)

Hiromi Maekawa has begun six years ago to translate poetically Italian songs in Japan. "Not knowing the Italian language, my countrymen could not try and attend to the feelings that these songs evoke. So I began to write them in Japanese. The audience has shown enthusiasm and at the end of the concert has asked me to propose other tracks. "

"When I translate I try to preserve the cadences and finding similar terms to the original words."

Hiromi's voice, with the poetry of his translations, is able to convey the burning sense of Italian love and it touches us deep in our hearts.
Fourth song: "Non Ho L'Età"

Hiromi has created a mixed transcription in which, retaining a small part in Italian, creates, with her voice rich of expression, a beautiful atmosphere that invites us to remember the youth.

From the post-adolescent interpretation of "Non Ho L'Età" Hiromi suddenly skipped to "Tintarella di Luna", a famous song by Mina with marked rhythms, which reveals all her mature sensuality.

Moving on to "Volare" by Domenico Modugno, our good singer brought us, with her  rich interpretation, in an infinite sky.

The time of the concert is quickly flown. "Now we are at the last track. I thank you for coming. I'm still undecided on what to sing".

Hiromi then chose "Il Cielo In Una Stanza" by Gino Paoli.

The day of the concert in Tokyo was raining but thanks to Hiromi,in  and out of the venue the sky was immense and blue.

At the end of the interview, thanking the audience, "I think I have proposed songs unknown to you; despite this today you confirmed in me the warmth, passion and curiosity of the Japanese audience for music, culture and art. "

Thanks to the "Sunday Brunch Classic", the project of singing in Japanese huge success of Italian pop songs, created by Hiromi and absolutely new for Japan, came to us as if it were sweet air.

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【photo by OKAZAKI OSHOW】
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