The Japanese singer Hiromi Maekawa presents a collection of songs written by Italian songwriters translated into Japanese. She has a great passion for Italian songwriting and her dream is to perform her works in Japan.

A Japanese audience will be able to connect and enjoy Italian music through these translations by this great singer because of her in-depth knowledge of both Italian and Japanese culture.

This project has been possible thanks to the cooperation of the highly regarded Italian musician Danilo Rea. Rea is a famous pianist who has travelled all around the world to perform. He has experience in Pop and Jazz, with Jazz being his main expertise.
He accepted this collaboration with Hiromi enthusiastically and began to arrange for her some of the most beautiful Italian songs, written by a selection of famous Italian songwriters. Including; Gino Paoli, Mina, Luigi Tenco, Domenico Modugno, Gigliola Cinquetti.

Moreover, Danilo Rea has personally worked with Gino Paoli and Mina, both great symbols of Italian music. He took part and performed in the show ‘Uomini in frac’ to celebrate 50 years of Nel blu dipinto di blu by Domenico Modugno, a very famous Italian song.

Danilo Rea has made musical arrangements for a wide variety of important Italian songs such as:

潮の香り(Sapore Di Sale) - Gino Paoli
キミに恋した僕がいる (Che Cosa C'e') - Gino Paoli
部屋の中に空が(Il Cielo In Una Stanza) -  Gino Paoli
長い愛の物語 (Una Lunga Storia D'amore) - Gino Paoli
メス猫(La Gatta) - Gino Paoli
キミにこの歌を (Ti Lascio Una Canzone) - Gino Paoli
石よ (Sassi) - Gino Paoli
このまま ずっと(Senza Fine) - Gino Paoli
君に恋した (Mi Sono Innamorato Di Te) - Luigi Tenco
若すぎて(Non Ho l'Età) - Gigliola Cinquetti
パローレだけの愛 (Parole Parole) - Mina
月の光浴びて (Tintarella Di Luna) - Mina
飛ぼう ヴォラーレ(Nel Blu Dipinto Di Blu) - Domenico Modugno

Furthermore, an electronic version of Gino Paoli’s Il cielo in una stanza and Una lunga storia d'amore, will be presented by Martux-M.

Martux-M and Danilo Rea have shown great enthusiasm for Hiromi's project and that is the reason why they decided to become her artistic producers.

月の光浴びて (Tintarella Di Luna) Mina
I Fatti Vostri - Rai 2
September 20th 2017


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Gino Paoli - Hiromi
La Gatta
Sapore di sale
Che cosa c'è
Il cielo in una stanza


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October 27th, 2018